Products for office and studies

General writing and marking

Faber-Castell’s “General Writing” field of competence complements the modern office or study in the form of functional writing implements for taking notes, sketching, and correcting texts. Besides function and attractive design, Faber-Castell also sees its strategic strength in focusing on intelligent additional benefits for the consumer: for example, the non-slip grip zone on the “Grip 2001” pencils. This strategy of providing a “point of difference” has given the company a leading position in many markets.
Polyball XB
The POLY BALL XB, represents a new generation of trendy low-friction ballpoint pens in fresh colours.
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Poly Ball XB and Poly Matic
The ultimate writing experience and bold colours – this is represented by the new POLY MATIC mechanical pencil and the POLY BALL XB ballpoint pen.
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