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Corporate Management today

Managing Board & Shareholders (Ninth Generation)

Managing Board

Since 2017, the company has been managed by a Board of Directors. Stefan Leitz is CEO; the other members are Constantin Neubeck (CFO) and Simon Hauser (CTO).

The ninth generation

The four siblings - Count Charles von Faber-Castell, Countess Katharina von Faber-Castell, Countess Victoria von Faber-Castell and Countess Sarah von Faber-Castell represent the 9th generation of the family business Faber-Castell. The shareholders want to set the course for a successful future for the company. “We have jointly developed a modern, family-controlled governance structure. This will not only allow us to meet the challenges of our time but will also enable us to take responsibility for a company rich in tradition, a unique brand and our 6,500 employees around the world. As the ninth generation, we have felt since childhood how much positive energy the Faber-Castell brand and our products generate all over the world. We now intend to take an active role in ensuring that Faber-Castell is not only one of the oldest family-owned companies, but also one of the youngest and most innovative – in a spirit of trust and open dialogue between shareholders, supervisory bodies, the Executive Board and the entire workforce. We want to make sure that Faber-Castell will continue to unleash creative potential and inspire people all over the world for the next 260 years. “

(From the left: Countesses Victoria and Katharina von Faber-Castell, Count Charles von Faber-Castell and Countess Sarah von Faber-Castell)