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Exceptional presents for special artists
An extraordinary present for artists: high-quality products that convince by brilliance and color intensity turn your present into a very special surprise.
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Precious gifts for penenthusiasts
Setting a course gets simple with a precious present especially for calligraphers. Classy writing utensils- always a good idea!
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Wedding Gifts
Find a unique timeless present for bride and bridegroom - with a beautiful writing instrument you will always be right.
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Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen e-motion pure Black
Ballpoint pen e-motion pure Black
Faber-Castell - Polychromos colour pencil, wooden case of 120
Polychromos colour pencil, wooden case of 120
Graf von Faber-Castell
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Fountain Pen Limited Edition Heritage
With colours, patterns and their extraordinary craftsmanship, the ladies’ lounge and Alexander’s office inspired these fountain pens.
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GUILLOCHE Series in new colours
The special fascination of these writing implements is due to the combination of high-quality rhodinization and a guilloche barrel.
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